_ Duck Series   designed and made by product designers

Meister Duck [Bread]

For all the bread baking lovers!
A great gift for the opening of a new bakery!

raw dough


Bread Meister Duck bakes delicious looking bread with a brick oven.

A piece of raw bread dough gets baked as you rotate the handle.

Meister Duck [Pizza]

Signboard is made-to-order.
It will be a perfect mascot for your store.


raw pizza dough

baked pizza

Here is Pizza Meister Duck

a delicious looking pizza comes out of the oven as you rotate the handle.

Talking-Duck Couple

Automata for two! A great gift for a neat couple.

two handles

A couple of ducks enjoy conversation.

Your handle maneuver may lead their conversation to an unexpected direction....

_ Walking-Duck Family
_ Walking-Duck Single

Other variations are available, such as Mama and Girl.

a solitary walker

Two ducks enjoy walking together.

A duck walks vigorously as you rotate the handle.

_Messenger-Duck Boy

_Messenger-Duck Girl

_Messenger-Duck Pair

A messenger boy delivers your message,letter etc..

A duckling girl works as a messenger.

A set of a boy and a girl.

Samples are on display at our workshop in Hamamatsu Shizuoka.
We are happy to have you come over and experience our products.
Reservation is required.
Please find "5-12-22 Sanarudai Hamamatsu Shizuoka Japan" in Google Maps.