_ Meister Duck [Bread]

_ model no. MSDB10

Here are the details of the product.
Video is shown here.

Craftsmanship of Meister Duck
Bread Meister Duck carefully slide a batch of bread into the brick oven.
To create a image of a long-established bakery, the oven, the signboard and the thermometer are given rather antique finish.
We tried our best to make the baked bread look real.

Raw bread dough
is going to be baked.

As you rotate the handle
Meister Duck slide it into the oven.

It shows the temperature inside the oven.

It's done!
A delicious looking bread comes out of the oven.

As you rotate the handle slowly
Meister shows his work repeatedly.

The signboard will be your original design as well as the baked goods on a peel.
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size: W=240mm、D=97mm、H=220mm
weight: 490g
hand-powered by a handle

CAUTION!This craft is fragile, thus not suitable for the use of children aged under 7.

Enjoy the video!

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