Have fun with automata!

The greatest joy of possessing automata is to have them right beside you and rotate the handles as you please. You can rotate handle(s) yourself or with your partner. Unexpected feelings always come to you.

They may cheer you up before work.
They may soothe you at the end of the day.
We hope you will have fun with your Drake Automata.
What are automata?
Throughout our history, there have always been mischievous engineers and craftsmen. They have been taking advantage of the technology developed by devoted engineers who made useful machines.
We would like to call these toys "automata".
What's "Drake Automata"?
It is an original brand of hand-crafted toys: designed,crafted and sold by Drake Design.
Our Duck series are like moving decoys.
We hand-craft all the parts ourselves. Most of the them are made of wood. We carefully check all aspects of quality such as design, material and assembly for the longevity of our products.
All of our products are under three-year warranty.
Drake Automata can be perfect gifts. They come in quality boxes with gift cards. Original wrapping kits are also available as options.

Since everthing is hand-made, the delivery schedule varies each time. Please check with us about the delivery date before placing your order.

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New Product!

Bread Meister Duck
We hope you will enjoy a small trick and a touch of antique flavor.
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Pizza Meister Duck has debuted, too.
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