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This is a very small workshop to make handicrafts such as eraser stamps and their packages, greeting cards, etc..

If you are a bit intimidated about your drawing skills, a variety of design patterns are available for your work.
See Samples >>

If you don't finish your work during one session, you can take it home and complete, or you can have another session and continue your work.
Workshop Hours:
10:00-12:00am, or 2:00-4:00pm

Drake Design, 53-3 Hifu, Haibara, Uda, Nara, Japan
8-minute-walk from 'Takatsuka' bus stop of Nara- koutuu-Bus. The bus ride is about 10 minutes from 'Kintetsu Haibara station' to 'Takatsuka'.
Parking space is available.

Fee: 1800 yen/session including all the materials. 1500 yen/session for junior high school and high school students, and senior citizens aged over 65.
Special discount for two persons together: 300 yen off for each participants.

If you are interested in making other kind of handifcraft, please don't hesitate to let us know.
We accept only up to three participants for one session. So it's always with a very relaxing atmosphere.
Tea and sweets are served at the end of the session.
Please contact us by mail or telephone.
Phone: 0745-88-9238(8:00〜20:00)

This workshop is coordinated by
Drake Design.
Copyright(c) Drake Design
All rights reserved.